Other places to hide your money besides under the mattress

In a post-SHTF, money may not be an immediate concern. However, if you’re dealing with a minor emergency or a localized survival situation, such as a natural or man-made disaster, you can benefit from having some extra cash on hand. (h/t to ApartmentPrepper.com)

But how do you securely hide money in your home or property?

Here are some safe hiding spots for you to consider.

  1. Deodorant “safe” – When was the last time you borrowed someone else’s deodorant? Since the answer is probably never, this makes a deodorant safe a secure place to hide some money. After all, deodorant is one of the last things that people will think of borrowing from you, even during an emergency. Get an empty deodorant tube and hide some cash inside. No one will think to check the deodorant stick in your bag for cash.
  2. Inside a mattress – People tend to hide items like cash under a bed, but this method involves hiding money in the material of your mattress. However, you will need one that’s designed to have layers of interchangeable foam. Any mattress will do, as long as the materials inside aren’t glued together. This lets you remove the cover, hide some money between layers, and replace the cover. While others may think to rummage under your mattress, not everyone will check inside it. Another option is to hide money in the upholstery of your sofa, but this is a common hiding place that burglars often check first.
  3. In the door – If you there are wooden doors in your house, you can use them to hide emergency cash. Drill a hole along the top edge of the door. Make it slightly larger than your container, such as a thin metal tube that’s big enough to hide some rolled up cash. Slide the tube into the hole and use a magnet to retrieve it quickly.
  4. A secret drawer – If you’re great with woodworking, you can add a secret drawer to your furniture. If your budget permits, you can also have a professional add a secret drawer to your writing desk or in a bookshelf. This method lets you have access to a spot that’s big enough to hide a small fortune.
  5. Under the floor – Commonly seen in movies, hidden compartments under floorboards make for great hiding spots. Just uproot several boards in your bedroom floor or some tiles from the bathroom, then dig a small hole. Hide some cash in a small and sturdy container to protect it from humidity and mold. Finally, put the boards or tiles back then use adhesive to secure it. Use just enough glue to secure the boards or tiles so you can quickly access the hidden container when you need some money.
  6. Your phone case – This hiding spot, which is easy to reach, portable, and secure, will work best if you’re known to use a bulky and non-transparent phone case. However, one downside to this method is you can’t hide too much cash without revealing the hiding spot. Hide some money in your phone case if you’re traveling, so you have access to emergency money even if you lose your luggage. (Related: 10 good reasons to prep even if SHTF never happens.)

Try hiding some emergency cash in the spots listed above. You never know when you might need some money in an emergency, especially during a short-term survival scenario where you might have to buy some survival supplies for your family.

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