Why a reliable method of communication in a grid-down situation is of utmost importance

If a large-scale disaster were to occur, such as an earthquake or an EMP attack, it could potentially take out the communications grid, leaving countless people unable to contact their loved ones. How would you be able to prepare for such a situation? Have you considered other means of communication to contact your family members? Having a reliable method of communication is of utmost importance in a grid-down situation. Here is a useful guide on dependable methods of communication and why they are more important than ever when SHTF. (h/t to TheSurvivalCorps.com.)

Reasons why having a reliable means of communication is vital when SHTF

  • You can let your loved ones know your current situation. If you are separated from your family during a crisis, having access to a reliable method of communication can allow you to contact your loved ones and let them know if you are safe or in need of help. You can then also confirm the safety of your other family members, and find out what their current situation is and how the crisis has affected them. If you are in a position to help, you can find out what you can do to aid them.
  • You can contact emergency services. If either you or your family members are in a dire situation, you can dial 911 and call for help. You can also contact anyone else nearby and alert them of your emergency, especially if it is a danger that can affect other people, such as a fire.
  • You can monitor official communication channels. You can gather important news and updates on the emergency by tuning in to official communication channels. This information will be vital in helping you plan your next move. You can also learn from other people which areas are safe to go to, and which ones should be avoided.

Reliable methods of communication when SHTF

You and your family need to have an effective emergency communications plan in case you get separated during a large-scale disaster. Familiarize yourself with a number of feasible methods you can use to communicate with each other when SHTF. (Related: How to create an effective emergency communications plan for when SHTF.)

  • Cell phones. There may be a possibility that the cell towers may be down, but on the off chance that they aren’t, cell phones still provide the easiest and most convenient way to get in touch with other people. Even if you cannot make calls, you might still be able to send short text messages.
  • Emergency radios. If you can get an emergency radio with a two-way option, then you can listen in on other channels, while also having the option to call out for help. You can also be extra prepared for grid-down situations by getting a solar-powered or hand-crank radio. This way, even if your radio has a battery option, you will still be able to make use of your emergency radio once your battery life has run out.
  • Satellite phones. As the name implies, satellite phones rely on the orbiting satellites to make connections. As such, they will work even if the cell towers are down. They are ideal for use in remote locations. If you have a good subscription plan and model, you could potentially reach people from anywhere in the world. You might not get the best voice communication, but you will still likely be able to access the internet, and send text messages and emails.
  • Walkie-talkies. Short-range communication radios can come in handy if you and your loved ones become separated within a localized area. They can allow you to easily communicate with others, even in a survival situation.

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