4 Bad ideas that can get you killed when SHTF

In a survival situation, every decision you make is crucial. One wrong move can quickly cost you your life. If you want to survive when SHTF, you should avoid these four bad prepping ideas at all costs. (h/t to BeansBulletsBandagesAndYou.com)

Drinking unfiltered or unpurified water

Just because the water looks clean doesn’t mean it isn’t clean. If you don’t have a reliable source of clean drinking water, you probably won’t last longer than three days. If you start drinking unclean water out of desperation, your chances of survival could dwindle even lower. Even drinking from clear mountain springs can potentially be harmful to your health, if you don’t filter or purify it first. You could expose yourself to all sorts of waterborne diseases and parasites that are invisible to the naked eye. SHTF will really happen if you have to deal with a serious bout of diarrhea on top of all your other problems. At the very least, you should always boil your water first before drinking it. It isn’t worth it to take your chances otherwise. (Related: Do you have a safe source of water for a SHTF situation? Top 5 water purification mistakes.)

Playing with fire

In order to boil your water, you must first learn how to build a fire. Campfires serve a number of uses, such as cooking and keeping you warm, but you must always be responsible for any fires that you start. If you don’t have the faintest idea of how to build a fire, then you shouldn’t try to build one in the first place. You should also first learn how to properly put out fires before making any attempts at starting them. In the right conditions, it can sometimes only take a few neglected embers to spark a raging wildfire. If these wildfires grow out of your control, your situation can only get irreparably worse. The last thing you want to happen in any situation is to cause an immediate danger to yourself and other people.

Ignoring injuries

First aid is essential to survival for important reasons. It ensures that whatever injuries you have to get the treatment they need immediately. It can also help prevent infections. If first aid can’t fix your health problem, it can at least mitigate it long enough until more qualified medical assistance arrives. The whole idea of “mind over matter” won’t be of much help to you if you let your wounds fester or if you try to work through a debilitating illness. If your body breaks down, you need to fix it before you break down completely. The only thing worse than not attending to your injuries or ailments is administering improper first aid. Common first aid mistakes you should never do include fashioning a tourniquet and giving caffeinated drinks to someone who has fainted. Knowledge is your greatest weapon in avoiding these situations. Be sure to take basic first aid classes. Always clean wounds as soon as possible. Even minor cuts and scratches can lead to life-threatening infections.

Making assumptions

Assumptions can be deadly during dire circumstances and emergencies. Even the best-laid survival plans can lead to ruin if you miss out on the small, but equally important, details. Always consider all factors and never take anything for granted. Making assumptions is what leads to the idea that you don’t need to take extra precautions. Complacency is your greatest enemy in a crisis. The lack of foresight can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. A true prepper must always be ready for anything and everything.

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