A guide for the broke prepper: Surviving on a budget

Even a tight budget won’t be enough to stop a determined prepper from continuing their goal of making sure that they’re ready whenever SHTF.

Not everyone has access to extra cash, even if they’re seasoned survivalists. But since part of prepping is preparing for various scenarios, you’ll have to find a way to gather items for your stockpile, which can be hard to do if you don’t have that much money. (h/t to ModernSurvivalBlog.com.)

Prepping on a budget

If you’re on a budget, it’ll take some hard work and creativity to gather assets for your various prepping needs.

Take note of where your money goes and try to figure out if you can spend less for one aspect so you can spend more on another. Consider cheaper alternatives.

  1. Cultivate your own garden – Make use of the available space in your backyard and start your own garden. Buy a packet of seeds so you can soon harvest your own produce.
  2. Focus on the basics – Work your way through your basic needs: food, security, shelter, and water. Try to buy inexpensive foods (e.g., beans and rice) that can keep you full for a long time. Security could include a LED flashlight, a headlamp, and a decent knife. If you have money left over, consider getting a driveway alarm, outdoor motion lights, or a gun/rifle. Your home mostly covers shelter so you can move on to a bug-out bag (BOB). You can ensure that you have safe, clean drinking water by resorting to a water filter, tablets, or a boiling method. (Related: 10 ways to prep when you’re completely broke.)
  3. Get to know your neighbors and the community – Start networking today, keep in touch, and be friendly to open doors for more opportunities.
  4. Head to estate and yard sales – These are a hit or miss, so be patient and try to be there early.
  5. Keep an eye out for deals and sales – Buy items that you need, but only when they’re on sale. Shop at a discount grocery store whenever you can, and compare prices at several stores before you make a purchase. You can also buy second-hand clothes to save more money.
  6. Say yes to free stuff – Check the local paper or search online to see if there are people in your area giving away their belongings if they can’t be bothered to get rid of it themselves.
  7. Trade goods for services – Don’t be afraid to ask around if there are people who are also interested in trading with you. Other preppers will want to trade goods for services or vice versa.

For the hardworking and creative prepper, a lack of financial resources isn’t that much of a hindrance. When SHTF, you can still stay prepared by being resourceful.

Additional tips for budget prepping

Check out these tips if you want to save money while prepping:

  • Bring a packed lunch to work – Save money by making your own lunch instead of buying food every day. This can be a healthier option too.
  • Declutter – Sell items you no longer use to free up space at home and earn money at the same time. Sort everything in three piles: keepers/valuable items or anything you used last year, salers/things you don’t mind selling, and tosser/things that aren’t valuable enough to keep or donate.
  • Walk or bike to work – This can help you save money on gas, or you can carpool.

You can read more articles about tips on how to prep while you’re on a strict budget at Preparedness.news.

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